Weight and Oral Health

Jun 12 • 1 minute read

Weight and Oral Health
If we don't have enough reasons to keep our bodies at a healthy weight, here is another reason. Our oral health can be negatively affected by an unhealthy weight!
Effects on Oral Health
*gum disease ( common in overweight people )
*inflammatory diseases attributed to an unhealthy weight ( arthritis, cardiovascular disease and diabetes ) all of which can be detrimental to your oral health
*broken or chipped teeth 
*increased overall inflammation 
*decreased immune system -causing periodontal disease 
*decreased blood flow to the gums
*Acid reflex (common in overweight people( can directly effect your oral health)
-acids from your stomach can cause enamel erosion and greater risk of cavities 
-gum recession
*mobility issues can also play a large part in poor oral health
Poor dietary habits not only lead to an unhealthy weight. They also lead to poor oral health.
-sugary foods and drinks
-acidic foods
-foods lacking in proper nutrients and vitamins
-processed foods
-fatty foods
-starchy foods
-fried foods
Some medications needed as a result of unhealthy weight can also cause dry mouth. Without proper saliva production our oral health can suffer. 
As most of us at one time or another have struggled with our weight, there is so much new evidence appearing almost daily, on how an unhealthy weight is
detrimental to our physical, physiological and oral health. 
It is possible to maintain a healthy weight and avoid all the negative health and oral health issues associated with being overweight. 
Here are some tips:
Eat foods rich in nutrients and vitamins
Choose sugar- free alternatives
Choose dairy products milk cheese and yogurt for calcium (great for your teeth )
Eat foods high in fiber
Consume fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables
Consume whole grains
Drink plenty of water 
Stay active. Even moderate exercise will help you to obtain a healthy weight. 
It is never too late to start living a healthy lifestyle and enjoying the benefits of a healthy body and a healthy smile! Remember your oral health and physical health are intertwined!!

Your OCD team is dedicated to helping you achieve optimum oral health! 
See your dental professional regularly.

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