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Jan 23 • 1 minute read


Can the food and drink you consume be causing tooth pain and sensitivity?

Yes, the types of foods and drinks you consume can definitely have a negative effect on your oral health!


*directly linked to tooth decay

*sugar molecules combined with saliva and the bacteria already present in the mouth form plaque

Plaque left on teeth erodes enamel resulting in tooth decay


*wear away at the enamel that protects your teeth (tooth erosion)

*leaving your teeth susceptible to cavities and infections


Here is a list of foods that can cause tooth pain and sensitivity:

*foods containing sugar

*foods that are acidic

*ice cream-temperature and sugar can cause increased sensitivity

*citrus fruits-acid makes teeth more sensitive as it wears away teeth enamel

*tomatoes -highly acidic causes increased sensitivity

*dried fruit -high sugar content-sticks to teeth increasing plaque bacteria

*hard candy-high in sugar but can also break or chip teeth

*potato chips - acidic , gummy texture stays on your teeth

*white bread-starchy sugars . acids stick to tooth’s surfaces

*coffee-hot temperature along with caffeine being very acidic can cause tooth pain

*pop- contain sugar and acid

*wine- causes dry mouth( reduces saliva)creating breeding ground for bacteria

White wine and sweeter red wines can be the most damaging .


Tips to Combat Pain & Sensitivity:

*consume all of these foods in moderation

*rinse your mouth with water after consuming these foods

*avoid foods you know cause sensitivity & pain

*use a toothpaste specifically formulated for teeth sensitivity

*visit your dentist/ hygienist regularly


If you have tooth pain or sensitivity, please see your dentist . It is important to your oral health to find the cause of your pain/sensitivity. 

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