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Headaches & Oral Health

Oct 21 • 1 minute read

Headaches & Oral Health


Did you know there is a correlation between headaches and your oral health?


This is due to a nerve called the trigeminal nerve. This nerve is the largest sensory nerve in the head. It's located in the skull and provides the nerve supply to the jaw, face, teeth and gums. Therefore, any pain in these nerves can trigger headaches.



Dental headache triggers:

-grinding or clenching teeth

-misaligned teeth or bite

-cracked teeth

-broken teeth


-severe tooth sensitivity

-oral infections


-impacted wisdom teeth

-gum disease

-TMJ disorders (the joint located on either side of the head just in front of the ears. These joints connect your jawbone to your skull).


This link between headaches and dental issues provides us with one more reason to make our oral health a top priority. Our oral health and physical health are closely intertwined.


Regular dental examinations and cleanings must play an important role in your overall healthcare regime.

If you are experiencing headaches that have an unknown cause, please advise your dentist who will do a full dental exam.


A full comprehensive dental exam can detect a myriad of issues. Early detection is key. Also, dental exams can detect issues you were unaware existed.

Your dentist will always inform you of the results of your exam and will recommend the appropriate action. Whether it's a referral to a dental specialist or a recommendation to see your family doctor.


If you have not had a dental exam in a while. Now is the time. Dental issues don't get better on their own, they only get worse.


Call us today and book your full comprehensive dental exam.


Disclaimer: This article is for general information purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or dental advice.



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