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Soft Tissue Management

Nov 3 • 1 minute read

Soft Tissue Management


What is Soft Tissue Management?

This involves removing the bacterial plaque and tartar that is present at and below the gum line This is a non-surgical periodontal procedure.


Why STM is needed!

Periodontal disease is generally an infection caused by bacteria surrounding the gums.

Unlike your regular cleaning. This is a much deeper cleaning.

The buildup of plaque and tartar if not removed will eventually lead to gum damage and loss of the bones that support the teeth. This leads to tooth loss.


It is very important to start with a comprehensive dental exam. If your dentist recommends Soft Tissue Management, an appointment will be then set up for you with our Periodontist.


It is crucial to your oral health that all plaque, tartar and bacteria be removed from your teeth and gums. This leaves your mouth not only feeling clean but free from harmful bacteria. It gives you the proper foundation to achieve a healthy mouth.


For more information on STM please speak with your dental professional.


Call us today to get started on your Soft Tissue Management Plan!

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