About our Team

Erica's career in the dental field has spanned more than 30 years. Most of those years have been spent in dental office management.
She also has extensive clinical training. Erica is continuously upgrading her management skills. She has successfully graduated from numerous dental management and dental administrative courses. Erica's most recent accomplishment has been to graduate from the prestigious University of Toronto's Dental Management Course.
Accounts Department
Frances has been with our office for more than 25 years.
Frances is meticulous in her attention to detail. She has unsurpassed conflict resolution skills and she makes the arduous task of keeping the accounts department running smoothly, appear effortless!
Accounts Department
Trish is a  a dedicated member of our accounts team for more than 15 years.
Trish shows exceptional attention to details and she masters the organizational skills needed to keep the accounts department running smoothly!
Treatment Coordinator / Level II Dental Assistant
As a treatment coordinator, Christie relies on her extensive clinical and financial knowledge of dental treatments. She helps patients understand why treatment has been recommended and the financial options available. Christie acts as a liaison between our patients and dentists. Christie takes pride in helping our patients navigate through the sometimes complex treatment and financial options.
Dental Administrator/Maintenance Coordinator Dental Office
Toni is proud to be a member of our team and is committed to working with our patients to schedule dental appointments.
Level II Dental Assistant 
As a dental assistant at OCD for more than 10 years. Koi not only brings her clinical expertise to the position. She also possesses the unique ability to bring a sense of humor to patients appointments. This quality has endeared Koi to both patients and staff.
Dental Assistant Level I
Kim is relatively new to the dental field. She has shown an eagerness to learn and has proven to be a quick study. Kim's naturally caring personality and quick smile make
her patients feel comfortable.
Dental Assistant Level II
Sarah has been part of our team for over a year. Sarah's charismatic personality makes her perfectly suited to the dental profession.
Dental Assistant level II
Carolina has been a Dental assistant for over 10 years. She is kind, caring and dedicated to her patients. 

Dental Administration
Connie has been in the dental profession for 20 years. As a valuable member of our team, Connie's vast experience in both clinical and administrative positions allow her to assist our patients with all of their needs. 
Dental Administration
Krista has many years of experience in dental administration and Human Resource Management. Krista's experience in patient services and her charming personality make her a great asset to our team.
Cynthia is always a valued team member for more than 15 years. She is dedicated to bringing care, comfort and oral health education to her patients
Rachel is  providing exceptional dental care to her patients for more than 3 years. Rachel is dedicated to providing her patients with a positive dental experience.
Stephanie has dedicated more than 15 years to patient care and patient oral health education. Stephanie's quick wit and humor have earned her a loyal patient base.
Kate is a valuable team member for more than 10 years. Kate is caring, compassionate and dedicated to her patient's needs. 
Becky has been with our office for more than 5 years. Becky's kind and sweet personality have made her a valuable asset to our team and our patients.
Daniela is a great asset to our team for more than 6 years. Daniela’s calm and quiet personality provide a comfortable and relaxing patient experience. 
Level II Dental Assistant 
Wazhma is a valued team member. Wazhma works closely with Dr. Bell to provide exceptional dental care to patients undergoing all of their dental appointments.

Level II dental Assistant

Analynn is one our recent team additions, her caring and sincere personality are a great fit here. 


Level II Dental Assistant and administration team

Kelly has many years of experience in dental administration and clinical and we love what she has brought to our team.