Pulpotomy & Children

Jan 8 • 1 minute read

Pulpotomy & Children


What is a Pulpotomy?

Removal of damaged pulp.

A pulpotomy is usually done so that the tooth and pulp in the root of the tooth can be preserved. This is a common dental procedure for decayed baby molars. 


What is Pulp?

The soft area in the centre of the tooth. This contains the nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues. The tooth’s nerve is the “root” of the tooth. Root canals travel from the tooth’s root into the pulp chamber. 


Reason  for Pulpotomy:

The tooth has a large deep cavity and the pulp is exposed.  The cavity causes the pulp to become irritated, infected or inflamed. This can be very painful. Sensitivity to hot and cold can also occur. 



The dentist removes decay and top part of the pulp chamber

The dentist applies medication to remaining pulp and fills the open chamber

This procedure allows the tooth to stay in place until child’s permanent teeth erupt


Reminder: As with any dental procedure, it is important to prepare your child for his/her visit. 

*Show confidence in the dentist 

*Reassure your child that this procedure is common and will make them feel better 

*Always remain calm, this ensures that your child will be calm also. 

*If your child has a comfort item such as a blanket or a soft toy, it can be comforting for the child to have during any dental procedure. 

If your child likes to listen to music, that's ok too. You can bring your child's favorite music to his/her appointment. 


Your OCD Team is dedicated to making your child's dental visit a positive experience for both you and your child!


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