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information Oral Infection

Oral Infection   What is an oral infection? An oral infection is an inflammation of the oral c...

Sep 11 • 2 min read
information Family Dentist

Family Dentist   A family dentist is a dentist that treats all age groups.   At Oshawa Cen...

Aug 28 • 1 min read

YOUR DENTAL HYGIENIST ‘An integral partner in your oral health’   You may see your hygiene appo...

Jul 5 • 1 min read
information Patient-focused dentistry

Patient-focused dentistry   What is patient-focused dentistry? The simplest definition of pati...

Jun 24 • 1 min read
information smile

BEAUTIFUL SMILES   What is a beautiful smile? Most of us think of perfectly straight white tee...

Sep 30 • 1 min read
information Entry

Important Note To Our Patients   Dear Patients A reminder that this entrance is the only access...

Apr 27 • 1 min read
information Dentistry During COVID 19

Dentistry During COVID 19   The number one question. Is it safe to go to the dentist? The answe...

Apr 13 • 1 min read
information Stress and Your Oral Health

Stress and Your Oral Health   We know that stress can wreak havoc on our bodies. However, it ca...

Apr 7 • 3 min read
information Languages spoken at Oshawa Centre Dental Office

Oshawa Centre Dental Office   The OCD team is comprised of highly educated , highly skilled and...

Feb 2 • 1 min read
information An important message from your OCD team

An important message from your OCD team     MASK ETIQUETTE As we all know by now masks ar...

Aug 11 • 1 min read

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