An important message from your OCD team

Aug 11 • 1 minute read

An important message from your OCD team




As we all know by now masks are mandatory for all indoor spaces.

This is for your benefit as well as for others.


Keep your mask on your face, positioned properly until you leave the indoor space. Removing a mask on your way out of an indoor space is not protecting you.

Wait until you are outside to remove the mask.


Businesses DO have the right to require you to wear a mask before entering.



Wearing masks properly

Reusable masks

-do not share masks

-make sure they fit to provide the best protection

-avoid touching the mask as you will transfer germs from your hands to your face

-remove the mask using the ear loops

-wash between uses

-air dry

-a good rule of thumb is to have multiple masks



Disposable masks

-make sure they fit correctly

-avoid touching your face

-do not share masks

-remove only from ear loops

-discard after every use

-always keep enough on hand

Please do not throw the masks on the ground when you are finished with them. You will put others at risk. Dispose of them in a garbage receptacle.



Your OCD team thanks everyone for following the new rules and wearing your masks.


We are thrilled to be providing our patients with the exceptional dental care, they have come to expect from OCD.


We have been proudly serving Durham Region and surrounding areas for more than 30 years.

We are working diligently to catch up with hygiene, we are almost there.

We thank you for your patience



To our existing patients, welcome back we’ve missed you.

To our new patients. Welcome

We are looking forward to being your partners in oral health.



Keep safe everyone! 

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