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common questions asked Reasons to see us!

REASONS TO SEE YOUR DENTIST REGULARLY!To prevent tooth decay and cavitiesTo detect gum diseaseTo pre...

Jul 30 • 1 min read
children How to get your child to brush

HOW TO GET YOUR CHILDREN TO BRUSH THEIR TEETH Setting a good example, you are your child’s bigg...

Jul 28 • 1 min read
common questions asked what and why?

WHY IS SUGAR BAD FOR YOUR TEETH? Bacteria that live in your mouth consume the sugar in these an...

Jul 25 • 1 min read

MADY VISITS THE DENTIST Hi my name is Mady and I want to tell you about my first visit to the d...

Jul 23 • 1 min read
common questions asked Oshawa Centre Dental Office

Why choose Oshawa Centre Dental Office? We have proudly served Oshawa and surrounding area for ...

Jul 20 • 1 min read
common questions asked sedation

  Sedation during dental treatments Sedation is used during dental treatments to keep...

Jul 16 • 1 min read
bad Breath

What causes bad breath?Bad breath is almost always caused by a problem in the mouth , although, ...

Jul 14 • 1 min read
children teething

Teething Teething can start as early as three months up to babies first birthday. Teething...

Jul 9 • 1 min read
root canal root canal

  Root canal what is it? Root canal treatment is needed when the blood or nerve suppl...

Jul 7 • 1 min read
wisdom teeth

 What are wisdom teeth? Wisdom teeth of the large molars found at the very back of the jaw...

Jul 4 • 1 min read

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