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children children and brushing

When should I introduce oral hygiene into my child’s daily routine?The sooner the better beginning a...

Jun 29 • 1 min read
children healthy foods

Healthy foods to maintain good oral health According to the Ontario  Dental  Associat...

Jun 26 • 1 min read
common questions asked tooth fracture

What is a tooth fracture?A tooth fracture is also known as a broken tooth. The fracture maybe minor,...

Jun 23 • 1 min read
common questions asked Hygiene

  Why do I have to visit the dentist if I have good oral hygiene and don’t notice any prob...

Jun 20 • 1 min read
common questions asked extractions, sealants and implants

What is an extraction and why do I need it?An extraction is the removal of a tooth. Removing a tooth...

Jun 17 • 1 min read
periodontal Why do I need to see my hygienist regularly?

Why do I need to see my hygienist regularly? Even if you see your dentist regularly, if you don...

Jun 14 • 1 min read
common questions asked re care

Recare calls?Recarecalls are made to patients who have not made an appointment when they were in for...

Jun 11 • 1 min read
common questions asked fun facts

Some interesting dental facts & trivia to share with Our patients     • ...

Jun 9 • 3 min read
summer summer is coming!

SUMMER IS COMING We know that at this time of year , we're all looking forward to relaxing in t...

Jun 6 • 1 min read
Pregnancy and your oral health

Pregnancy and your oral health      You should take extra care looking after your tee...

Jun 4 • 1 min read

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