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Role of Dental Assistants

Mar 21 • 1 minute read

Role of Dental Assistants

Dental Assistants play a critical role in the dental profession. They work closely with the dentist and are under the dentist's supervision.


Level 1
(Chair Side Assistant )
-Escort patients to operatory
-Seat patients in a dental chair
-taking patients medical history
-prepare patients for treatment
-taking patients pulse /blood pressure
-providing comfort for patients
-prepare materials
-take impressions
-assist the dentist during dental procedures
-providing patients with after treatment instructions
-taking and developing X-rays
-set up instrument trays
-sterilize equipment
-maintain operatory
-ordering dental supplies
-may also perform office duties

Level II
-all duties of a Level I assistant plus: additional training in intraoral duties
-oral hygiene instruction
-applying topical agents
-placement and removal of rubber dams
-dietary counselling (pertaining to oral health)
-oral health instruction
-applying of materials topically to prepare teeth for sealants
-application of topical anesthetics, desensitizing agents and whitening of the coronal portion of the teeth. There are also option Level II duties, which include polishing restorations and oral irrigation.

Along with these many skills Dental Assistants must also possess the following attributes:
-strict attention to detail
-critical thinking
-ability to take direction
-excellent communication skills

National Dental Assisting Examining Board (NDAEB) certificate is required for dental assistants entering practice and seeking registration or certification for licensure for the first time.  

Dental Assistants across Canada are governed by different rules and regulations, which are established by the Health Professions Act and their provincial dental assisting regulatory authorities. Education and training coupled with provincial registration and licensing make dental assistants qualified to perform their trained skills.

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